Fun Friday: Halloween Recipes That Will Gross You Out!!


Big Sisters Who Think They’re Scary – and Little Sisters Who Think They Aren’t…

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I like it because it’s all about fun! And we can dress up! And the colors are divine!

The food however, is not my favorite part, but it might be yours!

Since I’m always looking for more recipes to try, and Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I would share this list of GROSS RECIPES (shown as a google search so that you can pick your poison when it comes to where you get your recipe from:) –

KITTY LITTER CAKE (you have to at least look at it)

DIRT CAKE (popular,yummy)
I made mine with just this stuff: Chocolate Pudding, Crushed Oreos, Worms and Chocolate Cake….and minus all the other complicated ingredients! dirt cake ingredients Cream cheese? REALLY? Nope…dirt cake completeDidn’t use it.

SEVERED FINGERS IN A BUN (yep, they look real and grossed each of my kids out- and that’s sometimes hard to do)


My personal easy favorite? It’s nice and easy: Smiley Fries with Ketchup on their head (looks like blood- and yes I corrupted my children by telling them this). I googled to see if there was a photo of this anywhere and there IS! Here’s one courtesy of a blog called On the Road Photography!

Okay, so truth be told, I might have grown up watching horror flicks however, I don’t promote any mean, harmful things on others…I just have a sense of humor and “It’s Halloween Mom!”. Believe it or not, I’m still that parent who won’t allow my kids to play with play guns, swords or knives.

Go figure.

Check out Pinterest for more disgusting recipes! (Some great adult ones too! I like the cut out stomach of the baby doll for green dip!)

Fun Friday: Feral Cats, Come On Down! (A Poem)



My friend sent me this poem last week. She makes and sells personalized greeting cards at They’re often funny because, well, that’s Deb. She is also sincere, so if you have an important event you want to send a card for, check out

This poem happens to be about animals, Bob Barker and a true story.

After catching our 3rd of 4 outdoor cats to get fixed earlier this week, I want to be like Bob Barker and spread the news about spaying and neutering your pets. Did anyone ever think about his last name and his mission? Pretty funny that as an animal lover, his last name is Barker! For those that don’t know, latest statistics put Cleveland on the map with 75,000 feral cats!

Sometimes, it’s difficult
Herding cats in a yard
Our kittens are wiley
And made it quite hard
But we were victorious
On Monday near dawn
Stormy is a boy
And now his *#(A$ are all gone
We bought a big cage
But the kitten has smarts
So, we had to think fast
Because when he sees us, he darts

So, while he was eating
I came behind his small head
I grabbed with both hands
He scratched and bit; we both bled
Injuries were minor
But Julie went for a shot
And now we’re both grateful
For the AFLAC she’s got!
All ended well
Now just one more to go
Little Tiger is precious
He can put on a show
If you want to adopt him
He’d make a great pet
And we’ll do the work
Of getting him fixed at the vet!
From your office or home, send someone a poem!


Encourage Experimentation: Buy the Allcasester.
So, this weekend, my son put “allcasester” on the grocery list.

When he asked if I’d seen the list yet, I gave him a weird look at first. Not only because I could not read the word he had spelled, but because I was wondering why he needed whatever that word was. Then I remembered that he’d learned some cool things in science this week… one included Alka-Seltzer .

Truth be told…I had already noticed his ‘update/request’ before he asked me. It was tucked in my purse for my weekly trip out. At that point though, I wasn’t convinced I was investing in wasting a box of medicine (or the money).

As I arrived in the medicine aisle of the grocery store, I finally found the boxes of cold/flu medicines. The cost for just one of these multi-package boxes was around $5.00. I already had a full grocery cart and thought to myself, ‘Do I get this for him to recreate his teacher’s science experiment or do I skip it?’.

I don’t usually think this next way, but I figured I could just say that they didn’t have the right kind, or that they were all out; he’d probably forget about it by next week (enter Mommy guilt).

I bought the allcasester…

Gee… maybe it’s because he’s the last kid, or maybe it’s because I’m just so busy, but in the past I always believed in taking the time for experiments and creativity.

I remember when my middle schooler was a little girl (three or four years old). I used to let her go to town in the kitchen and use my pots and pans; mix up water, salt, pepper and whatever else she wanted- and by the time she was seven, she was actually putting edible stuff in there (and was making me eat it- YUM).

Now that she is older (and has better taste buds), she is becoming well versed in the kitchen, and it was all on her own power- I never forced her.

I believe that a natural curiosity, plus being allowed freedom with my things (and my kitchen), gave her the love of cooking. Today she knows how to make over easy eggs with delicious seasoning, cuts various fruits and vegetables and prepares beautiful plates and salads with them, knows how to make potato salad, salmon, bake cakes, holiday candy and some of the meat for our dinners.

All kids have inner talents, gifts and skills that are just waiting to be honed.

It’s a parents’ job to help a child foster those.

When I returned home with the box of fizzy medicine, the boy lit up like a Christmas tree, pushed past me for some cooking oil and the saved empty water bottle, then asked for blue food coloring. He promptly began pouring, mixing and tipping this bottle of liquid, and he had our attention. He couldn’t have been happier when all three of us girls oohed and ahhhed at his lava-lamp looking bubbly thing.

Listen, watch, allow…
And buy the allcasester.